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Eventmore brings events at your fingertips - to your phone. With Eventmore you will always find interesting things to do and have the chance to see your city in a new light. Download the free event app now.


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Find your audience in mobile. With Eventmore you can create your own mobile channel fast: easy and cost-effectly. Help your audience to find their favorites in your program and find thousands of new fans.

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Event Organizer

Eventmore is an app and a media that brings events and their audiences together in one platform. We have over 10 000 events in our base and have worked together with tens of festivals, clubs and other event organizers to bring their program on reach for mobile users.

Event organizers can create their own channels inside Eventmore. The channel will serve like the events' own app and in addition has the Eventmore audience of thousands of users in reach. The audience will be guided to the channel with a direct link. They can scroll easily through the whole program with category search, add favorites, get direct messages from events, find the best routes to venues, share events to their social media channels and buy tickets.

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99€ + VAT / mo

  • Own mobile channel valid for 1 month
  • Introduce your program in mobile
  • Push-messages and channel news


199€ + VAT / mo

  • All from Bronze Channel
  • Feedback form
  • Feedback real-time reporting


499€ + VAT / mo

  • All from Silver Channel
  • Connection to web page event feed (if possible).
  • Full introduction and support

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Eventmore is a map based event application available on iPhone and Android platforms. We create own channels inside Eventmore for festivals, clubs and other events. With your channel you can build your own mobile marketing and serve your audience in mobile. Eventmore was launched in Helsinki in August 2015.

You can create your events for free by registering on our website. Get your own channel here.

Download the app from here.

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